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Winter 2010


The festive spirit is in full swing here at ABJ; the offices are decked out and we are busy wrapping up the year. The success of the magazine this year has to be credited to the outstanding companies we have had the pleasure to profile, companies that keep the economic outlook ever-optimistic despite environmental, political and economic challenges. We are happy to do our part to showcase the hard working entrepreneurs whose determination to thrive (despite the recession) has been an enduring inspiration.

In anticipation of continuing down this path, ABJ is preparing for a great year. We have bold plans for 2011. Due to the overwhelming number of positive stories in the U.S., ABJ will be going to a bi-monthly format in order to get them to you. Our editorial team is growing and our content will feature more information than ever to help you ride the wave in the good times and batten down the hatches in the bad.

It’s a very interesting time to be in the digital realm. WikiLeaks are releasing information daily that have real world repercussions on the global banking systems. Cables are soon to be released with details on our own banking systems that are causing a lot of people anxiety. Mark Zuckerberg has taken a famously aggressive stance that we are evolving into a society with less privacy. Companies are well advised to harness the juggernaut that is the internet with more focus than ever. In 2011 we will be dealing with a lot of the challenges and benefits associated with technology and online media, and we have a very exciting interview to bring you, on that note, in our next issue (stay tuned!)

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the rich content we present in the Winter edition of ABJ. May your spirits be as high as the price of gold.

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