Editor's Note » March 10

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After the world’s economic leaders met in Iqaluit, N.W.T. to reaffirm their commitment to banking regulation last month, the spotlight is now on America’s failing system. When the housing market tanked and banks claimed bankruptcy because too many people couldn’t make their mortgage payments, the feds stepped in to save those banks “too big to fail” with a massive bailout package.

With President Barack Obama’s firm push for a banking bill to pass and a filibuster looming up in Capitol Hill, ABJ breaks down the problem that was missed by the media, how the end result will impact the banks’ bottom line and ultimately, the customer.

Focusing on the state of North Dakota, we bring you an exclusive interview with U.S. Governor John Hoeven, who has recently announced his run for a seat in the Senate this fall. In our company focus section, we put the spotlight on various organizations who share their success stories.

Last but not least, our very own associate editor shares her expertise in fitness and health to talk about how to train for your body type. As you take time this month to read ABJ, don’t forget to send us an email or share your comments with us at sarak@georgemedia.ca.


Sara Kopamees