Editor's Note » February 10

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With world leaders having recently met in Copenhagen, the spotlight is now on China’s manufacturing sector and what its environmental and economic impact will be on the global community going forward in 2010 and beyond. Heads first started to turn when the U.S. hiked up its tariffs on tire imports last fall, initiating China’s launch of its antidumping probe into imported American goods and services. With China’s rapidly growing economy and its booming manufacturing sector, we got the chance to speak with Kathy Segerson, an expert in environmental and resource economics, to discuss China-America trading and what that dichotomy’s environmental impact will be in the future.

This month we also focused on the state of Maryland, and we bring you a profile on the ambitious Senator Barbara Mikulski, whose accomplishments and initiatives are admirable. It’s been said that small businesses will be the key to America’s economic revival, and so this month we scoured the country for entrepreneurs with great success stories, and learnt more about the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) as well as how a sports writer-turned CEO launched his own business.

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Sara Kopamees