Editor's Note » Feb/Mar 12

While there’s never a shortage of controversial issues to wrestle with on a national scope, one contentious matter that undoubtedly goes to the forefront is the topic of Internet regulation and how much intervention should be imposed by the federal government.

At loggerheads are traditional entities such as publishers, film studios and music industry producers versus new media giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, who want information to continue flowing, unfettered. The dispute comes down to one thing—money. Property creators/owners feel they are being ripped off by piracy advocates who often make intellectual property available to the public free of charge. Of course, it’s never really free. Most of those sites make their money through a variety of means, including click-thru ads, page advertisements, videos, and sharing email lists with various online marketers.

The government has largely kept clear of this thorny issue for quite some time, but it’s evident that’s not going to be the case much longer. Recently several congressmen have brought forth legislation, looking to have their bills passed into law. It’s still very much in the elementary stages at this point, but the stone has begun to turn and its picking up momentum with each revolution as it heads down a steep hill.

For those unaware of the terms SOPA, PIPA and OPEN, you can read about at that in this edition. Such types of acronyms are going to become far more well-known in the coming months and years based on their potential to change the way we send and receive information through cyberspace in the future.

Also in this issue of ABJ, the Republican leadership candidates weigh in on President Barack Obama’s decision to halt the Keystone XL Pipeline project between this country and Canada to which Newt Gingrich calls it a “stunningly stupid thing to do.”

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Angus Gillespie