Editor's Note » April/May 10

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In part two of ABJ's management series, we look at the intertwined relationship between an organization's culture and their employees' productivity. In speaking with experts, Antonia McGuire uncovers a clear link between chronic fatigue and the implications to the bottom line. Read on to find out what managers can do and why North Americans have much to learn from those living in Australia.

Focusing on the state of Ohio, we bring you a profile on the young, ambitious Senator Sherrod Brown, who is leaving his mark in history. In our company focus, we put the spotlight on various organizations who share their success stories.

Last but not least, read our monthly lifestyle column to learn about the return on investment when it comes to weight loss in the workplace. As you take time this month to peruse the issue, don't forget to send us an email and share your comments!


Sara Kopamees