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Jasper Contractors Inc.

The Calm After the Storm

“The best thing we think you could do is use Jasper.”

Jasper Contractors has offices in Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia and Colorado, and has lots to be proud of. The company is one of the most successful roofing contractors in the US.

Their secret? Operating in southern states, Jasper has managed to form lasting relationships with insurance companies who need an affordable, reliable post-storm contractor. The company has a strong inclination towards helping those who have been affected by severe weather, and in the South, unfortunately, severe weather is something residents are all too familiar with.

Jasper’s President and founder, Brian Wedding, says that the company strives to build a successful relationship with the customer – and that is just as important to him and his staff as building a quality roof.

Weather drives business

Although Jasper was formed in 2004 with the intent to develop business in small neighbourhoods with scattered site homes, the strategy for the business soon shifted. Wedding got a phone call from an adjuster after a hurricane blew through Louisiana who said he heard that Wedding and his associated contractors “got things done”. The adjuster was right on the mark and soon word spread that the Jasper team did impeccable work.

With all the hurricanes that come through the southern US, comes the aftermath of destroyed homes, or at the very least, pummelled roofs. Jasper has built up a reputation among insurance companies in the US and uses that as leverage to drive business forward. “We understand insurance and how it works when the environment takes over,” Wedding explains, “so we are experts in hurricane recovery”.

Wedding says that most people would be surprised at how easy insurance adjusters are to work with. “It’s unbelievable how they process so many claims – if there’s damage, they pay for it to get done, by a good contractor” he explains. “In order for us to get ahead, I had to learn their process. A job will be expedited if the paperwork is all in order – so there is no lack of work because we make the process as easy as possible, and we do a good job.” Of course, because Louisiana environment, there is an endless stream of customers, because of “nature and insurance companies – neither one of those are going away”.

Wedding is committed to a happy ending for people whose homes have been damaged by storms. He says Jasper ultimately helps those affected by severe weather so “they can go back to normal like a little quicker”.

Quality workmanship, by quality workers

Jasper’s value set includes a belief that quality workmanship is only the beginning of the installation of a successful roofing system.  The company also employs innovative maintenance programs and offers extended warranties – intending to guarantee long-term performance. “Everything’s built to hurricane code,” Wedding insists, adding “we have the highest standard so that when another storm comes through, we have a much better installation of the product”.

Installing a great product can only happen with the best team, and Wedding is proud to talk about the Jasper crews. “We offer very good pay. If you’re honest and ethical, and a hard worker and can deal with people, this business is pretty fail proof” he says. “I have a lot of good people right now.”

Jasper is doing pretty well considering how bad the North American economy has been, so the company has been able to keep workers on and keep the work flow going. Wedding takes his cues for determining work flow from some very helpful associations Jasper is a member of, including the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Louisiana Home Builders Association, and the National Association of Home Builders. These associations offer Wedding and his team opportunities to network with suppliers and get forecasts. This way he can “stay ahead with manpower but not much ahead”. According to Wedding, who echoes many experts of late: “the housing market is getting a bit better right now”.

A fail proof future

“By 2012 I want Jasper Contractors Inc. to be the number one roofing contractor in America – plain and simple.”

Wedding’s goals for the company are straightforward. He firmly believes in the business and all the possibilities it has to grow. “When someone calls Jasper they’ve just made the best call they could make. We have the best crews, and we’re very demanding of everyone who works with us. And that, unfortunately, just doesn’t happen in our industry – there are a lot of bad apples in it. After a big hurricane, if people call us, we know exactly how the insurance process is going to work because we deal with it – and we can tell them what they need to do.”

A lofty goal? Don’t bet on it. No matter which way the wind blows, the best thing anyone can do if a storm has affected their property is use Jasper.

For more information on the company, visit www.jaspercontractorsinc.com.

Jasper testimonials

"Jasper was/is the BEST contractor. They are fast and do quality work. Thanks! I love my new roof!"

"Excellent work! The work was 'top notch'--it was better than I had expected. Everything was upfront from the beginning."

"Very professional and knowledgable."

"From the day I talked to Jasper till the job was completed, everthing was done on time, clean, neat and very fast!"

"Very professional and helpful with the insurance claim. Showed up for every appointment on time. It was a real pleasure to work with Jasper."

"Jasper Contractors are honest, hard working professionals that will get the job done."

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