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Investors anticipating reveal of Feri President Watch

When you think luxury designer, Canada is not usually the countries that comes to mind. It is usually Switzerland, Italy, France and even Germany that lead the way on the luxury world platform. So when ABJ heard that Canadian born and head quartered FERI fashion house won 2011 luxury designer of the year by Viva International than we had to make a call to find out more. 

Simply put, Luxury design brand Feri is elaborate, whether it is a $200 sterling silver piece or its acclaimed new 19 K President watch, valued at over $100,000.
The timepiece Feri President was recently rated one of the Top 10 timepieces in the world along side Rolex and Patek Philippe.

On February 11, 200 select guests will gather at the headquarters of Global Wealth Trade Corp, the international jewelry distributor whose in-house luxury brands Feri and Feri Mosh operate under the Global Wealth Trade umbrella.

Started in 2005 by visionary Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade has revamped the luxury design industry in a few years, landing Mesgarlou at the head of the world’s fastest growing and expanding jewelry design firm, gaining further momentum with an exquisite product line that is second-to-none in quality.

“From the product stand point, being a luxury designer in North America, we create our product with very special plating technology that you don’t get in any other fine jewelry on the planet,” Mesgarlou told ABJ from his Toronto, Ont. world headquarters.

Global Wealth Trade has garnered a devoted following for its consistent combination of elegant design and innovation manufacturing, which makes each piece of jewellery a piece of art. Adored by connoisseurs of fine jewelry across the world, Global Wealth Trade Corp is regularly recognized as being of the highest standard in the world for its quality.

“We go beyond. Fine jewelry stops at 18 K, we start at 19 karats; we don’t even do 18 karat or Platinum anymore.  Global Wealth Trade has taken the market to the next level, upping the benchmark, developing, and now offering, a high-karat gold composition not offered anywhere else in the world,” says Mesgarlou. 

Part of what makes Feri Mosh the world’s first and only Prestige jewelry collection is the construction. Using the exclusive GWT developed 21 Karat gold compound that can hold flawless diamonds, the 21 K prestige designer line is an example of the most intricate craftsmanship and cutting edge design. All Feri Mosh rings are custom made and hand built to perfection in Global Wealth Trade design studios and lab in Toronto uniquely for its keeper.

So why is Global Wealth Trade the first luxury jewelry company in 5000 years to make high karat diamond jewelry?  “Diamond jewelry stops at 18-karats and the reason it doesn’t go past 18-karats is because the higher the purity, the softer the gold gets and it will not hold stones. In 2007, through years of expensive research and development, we found a way to make a 21-karat gold composition,” Mesgarlou said.

With its jewellery heritage dating back to 1800’s, Global Wealth Trade is creating something extremely unique. If you want to buy jewellery go to jewellery store, if you want a special project life piece, go to Global Wealth Trade.

“The sculptural beauty of Feri Mosh, the extravagance and function of Feri and the elegance of the company’s 19 K signature series places this line-up of all-stars into a league of its own,” says Mesgarlou, whose pride in his company’s products is evident.

Feri Mosh is not like other designers. For the company to launch a design to go from pen to release takes two years because of the amount of R&D required at every step. Feri Mosh owners are also unique and super exclusive.  To begin with the mould for every Feri Mosh piece is created in a $300,000 super resolution CAT machine and every Feri Mosh created has its very own mould which costs $1,000. In the jewellery trade this is called ‘first generation jewelry” as apposed to any other company where  you are buying  a copy. Feri Mosh owners also become part of an exclusive FERI MOSH club.

“It takes master designers months to draw and design each Feri Mosh jewelry,” says Mesgarlou. 

“Out of hundreds of designs only a select few are approved for production. The approved designs then go through the GWT exclusive 22 step manufacturing process. Once completed, each piece is meticulously inspected by quality control teams at the GWT laboratory, and every piece must meet the vigorous standards of the GWT Corp. The approved finished pieces are then shipped to International Gemological Institute (IGI, world’s largest independent gemological laboratory) for detail independent certification by three professional gemologists.”

Quickly Feri Mosh is becoming the most collectable pieces of jewelry on the market because of its construction and elaborate designs.  When choosing a piece of jewelry, be it a timepiece, necklace or ring the higher the purity the more collectible and valuable it is.  With it’s 19 and 21 K gold compositions Feri Mosh is the purest luxury jewelry collection in the world  that will continue to go up in value exponentially.

The company mission is an interesting one. “To be the most prestigious luxury designer fashion house in the world and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs everywhere to build significant wealth by distributing our designer goods to a discerning public.” To understand Global Wealth Trade’s  missions continue reading on.

Luxury Consultants

Just as their jewelry is unique, so is the Global Wealth Trade business model, which has been the engine behind the company’s rapid growth and expansion into the international luxury markets. Global Wealth Trade capitalizes on the power of the web-based retail and the power of word-of-mouth and personal recommendation to launch its products.

“We want to achieve in 10 years what took other luxury brands a century to do so going online and word of mouth were the right way to show case our designer lines as apposed to retail. Furthermore when you create something that no one else has done the word of mouth becomes very important,” says Mesgarlou.

Connoisseurs of the Global Wealth Trade brands are invited to become luxury consultants, and enjoy the privileges that come along with that. One is the consultant gains access to the product line at member pricing, sometimes as much as 50 per cent off the retail price. Secondly, it gives the consultant a license to resell the items for great profits to admirers of their own jewelry through a glamorous and state-of-the-art online platform.

With membership, consultants are given access to the website, online training, in person seminars, a largest branding campaign, a system that has brought the company to 59 countries in the first eight years of operation.

The fastest-growing luxury designer since 2007, Global Wealth Trade has achieved staggering average annual growth of 297 per cent per year since 2005.

Today, the product line of Global Wealth Trade is carried in nearly 60 countries, while many other nations, such as Malaysia, Singapore, India and China, among others, are also interested in investing and carrying these product lines around the world.

Moving forward, the expectation at Global Wealth Trade is to grow the company into a $1 billion corporation by 2015, the organization’s 10-year anniversary. Global Wealth Trade would like to grow its reach to more than 100 countries worldwide with more than 100,000 luxury consultants.

As part of their phase two expansion another initiative and certainly an important one in terms of the Global Wealth Trade branding, is that the company would like to add major retail galleries around the world, in Paris, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Toronto, among many other fashion and luxury hubs.


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