Medical Device Sterilization

Serving Ontario hospitals, healthcare centres, and private clinics, SteriPro provides sterilization and reprocessing services to the Canadian healthcare sector.

The provincial healthcare industry faces significant budget constraints. Partnering with SteriPro provides a viable model for improved services in sterilization and medical instrument reprocessing.

Outsourced reprocessing, contingency and emergency services, instrument tracking options, as well as advisory services provided by SteriPro assist the industry and local healthcare facilities in achieving improved quality, operational efficiencies, and capital avoidance opportunities.

“Reprocessing and sterilization of the instruments is a very technical aspect of a hospital’s operations,” Peter Roman, Director of Business Development and Client Relations with SteriPro Canada, told The American Business Journal. “Over the years, hospitals have expanded and added more complex services. The medical device and reprocessing departments have rarely received the necessary attention and funding to keep pace with increased surgical volumes or advances in clinical specialties. Aging reprocessing equipment and infrastructure, inadequate environmental conditions, and inadequate instrument and device inventories are common across the sector.

“We’re here to elevate the reprocessing and sterilization industry. We’re looking at this as a system-wide change of quality improvement. There is potential for a massive cost benefit for Ontario’s healthcare sector in terms of improved quality at a lower cost, with major capital avoidance, the reduction of duplicated services, and standardized processes and procedures.”

Mississauga Facility

From its state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga, SteriPro cleans, reprocesses, avel sterilizes reusable medical instruments used in healthcare facilities. The goal at SteriPro is to enhance the safety, quality, and standards of sterilizing and reprocessing reusable medical devices and instruments within the industry.

SteriPro represents a new service offering within Ontario and Canada, ultimately improving patient care and safety.

Already working with healthcare centres across the province, SteriPro has expansion aspirations, believing its services can supply further across Ontario, the country, and, eventually, into the United States. Its current facility in Mississauga will accommodate approximately eight hospitals, meaning the company also plans to expand to several facilities in the coming years.

Roman summarized, “This facility really sets us apart from anything else in the industry, and we already know that there is a need for more than one facility in Ontario. We hope to work with the hospital sector to meet the demand with a structured approach to growth.”

Ontario’s Healthcare Sector

Pressed with capital concerns, Ontario hospitals have struggled to meet growing healthcare standards, using aging sterilization equipment and machinery to bridge the gap. Funding is scarce for replacement equipment, with projected costs range from $10 million to $15 million. Run that number across each of the province’s hospitals and the numbers are staggering.

“If you multiple the cost over each of the [Ontario] hospitals, hundreds of millions of dollars are needed to provide the right machinery and the right environments to meet current standards for reprocessing, sterilization safety, and patient care,” Roman explained. “Hundreds of millions of dollars need to be pumped into the system for this endeavour. This can be avoided with those scarce dollars being better spent on much needed instrumentation or on direct patient care.”

Sterilization Specialists

SteriPro offers a unique and affordable service to the industry, and has been recognized for exceeding Canadian and international standards. SteriPro has also received ISO - 9001 certification because of its quality management system. Also unique to SteriPro is its ability to track and trace each individual medical instrument throughout all reprocessing activities.

“Our tracking system means that we can maintain the lifecycle of an instrument, ensure standards and parameters are met, and provide for preventative maintenance or repair services,” Roman noted. “Additionally, the tracking and tracing of individual instruments is critical to infection prevention and control efforts and the tracking system can be integrated with a hospital’s clinical information system, providing the hospital with critical data on the patient experience. Uniquely, SteriPro’s custom designed instrument tracking solution is very affordable to hospital partners, as we can host, implement, and maintain the data and the solution with the hospital not incurring major upfront costs.”

Moving forward, SteriPro’s goal is to continue providing excellence in reprocessing and sterilization. “This is our only business. We focus on and specialize in reprocessing and sterilization, allowing our healthcare partners to focus on patient care,” Roman summarized. As the Mississauga facility reaches full capacity in the coming years, SteriPro will begin pursuing growth initiatives to expand its service offering across the province, across Canada, and into the United States healthcare sector. SteriPro remains the industry leader in surgical instrument reprocessing and sterilization services.

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