Air Emissions Control

Biorem is a leading clean-tech designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-efficiency, air emission control systems.

Efficient Technology

Biorem utilizes a biological oxidation process within an air filtration system to remove pollutants and control air emissions. The technology uses bacteria to degrade odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). The process uses contaminants as a bacterial food source to decompose pollutants. With naturally occurring bacteria, Biorem reduces energy consumption and eliminates the use of dangerous, pollutant-reactant chemicals.

“Our systems consume very little energy which generates carbon credits and helps with energy efficiency,” Derek Webb, Vice-President of Biorem, and Chair of the Ontario Environmental Industry Association (ONEIA), told The American Business Journal. “Nor does our technology produce any negative byproducts, so we’re not removing one pollutant by creating another. When you talk about sustainability and energy efficiency, our products fit quite nicely in all of that.”

Global Expansion

Since its founding in 1991, Biorem has pursued clean-tech projects around the globe. The company’s entry into the global marketplace began by commercializing its technology in the United States and has now expanded around the world. As opportunities increased and projects become larger, Biorem launched as a public offering to attract greater working capital. Soon after, Biorem acquired competitive technologies to further its market reach across American municipal markets. By customer base, Biorem currently works across several sectors and sites, such as refineries, chemical production plants, compost plants, and wastewater treatment facilities.

International expansion propelled Biorem to pursue global market opportunities. Biorem presently has operations in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and South Africa.

Most recently, Biorem has pursued the Asian markets, securing projects in China and Malaysia. With the vast opportunities that exist in China, Biorem established a wholly-owned foreign enterprise (WOFE), with its own Beijing-based corporation. Chinese manufacturing of proprietary components has increased Biorem’s competitive platform, as well as its ability to export its technology to neighbouring markets like Malaysia, Australia, and the Middle East. This year, Biorem initiated two projects in its newest markets in Russia and Poland. The company will continue to explore lucrative global expansion opportunities.

Market Opportunities

An advocate of Ontario’s clean-tech sector, Biorem feels it is uniquely positioned to further develop because of its strong academic base and supportive government.

“It’s one thing to come up with an idea; it’s another to get that idea out to the market. Our company has an established distribution network and credibility in the market,” Webb explained. “Ontario’s wide range of cultural backgrounds [are represented] at Biorem, and this cross section of people who speak Polish, Spanish, or Mandarin helps us develop markets … Speaking Mandarin or Cantonese helps facilitate getting into the China market.

“There are a lot of challenges for small companies. Biorem didn’t just do this alone. We have had a solid core of suppliers work with us over the years and by working in partnership they have helped us grow the company. Our suppliers are an integral part of our success and we work extremely close to provide a quality system. Biorem is one big family supply chain.”

Biorem has expanded clean technologies and emission control efficiencies to the next level. The company has re-engineered biological systems to meet modern costs, performance, and energy levels. Moving forward, Biorem will grow its focus on renewable energies while continuing to pursue expansion efforts into greater international markets. Working with a customer value-added approach, Biorem has become the go-to solution for emission compliance and control.

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