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National Forming Systems

National Forming Systems is a global leading construction engineering firm and formwork supplier of concrete forming products. Established in 1986, the Greater Vancouver-based organization serves the international construction engineering sector with advanced technology forming product needs for a range of construction projects.

Global Presence

National Forming Systems has established a North American presence with its primary operations based in Canada and the United States. The company’s manufacturing production facilities, which handle the design, engineering, and manufacturing of all company products, span the Western Canadian landscape, with locations across British Columbia and another in Calgary. The company also has a national presence in Toronto.

“We entered the Toronto market about three years ago,” Peter Vanagan, President of National Forming Systems, told The American Business Journal. “In fact right now we have about a half-dozen Toronto high rise developments on the go. It is a very competitive market.”

The company’s North American presence extends to the United States, with offices in California, Nevada, and Hawaii, where its branch offices in Los Angeles and Honolulu have been instrumental in the company’s pursuit of American-based projects.

Most recently, the company furthered its presence on the international stage, adding key offices in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates. As a result, National Forming Systems has today established a worldwide presence and, overall, a broader customer base.

Moving forward, the company has an eye for expansion on Eastern Europe with hopes to grow its brand across this market, as well as South America, with expansion efforts geared toward Brazil. National Forming Systems would like to expand to both the Eastern European and Brazilian markets within the next five years.

Project Delivery

As National Forming Systems works to increase its presence around the globe, the company continues to establish itself as the choice supplier of advanced technology form products for many types of construction engineering projects. Across the project landscape, National Forming Systems does it all, from residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, such as high-rise towers, hotels and resorts, airports, bridges, hospitals, academic facilities, governmental buildings, retail shops, stadiums, custom applications, and more.

National Forming Systems has established itself in the marketplace as a one stop shop of formwork systems solutions, including slab shoring, wall forms, column forms, hydraulic forms, and more. National Forming Systems specializes in in-house engineering, design, estimating, and manufacturing. The company website reads, “At the planning stage, our design team seeks the optimum solution, whether with a standard or custom product. The goal is to provide the best results for our customers.”

The company continues to invest in its research and development segment, focusing on innovation and new product developments that are lightweight and easy to assemble. National Forming Systems also has several initiatives that emphasize advanced safety and improved operational efficiencies. In fact, National Forming Systems has several patents to its name as a result of the company’s innovative and proven solutions geared toward systems improvements and efficiencies for construction engineering developments.

Noting the importance of timely project design and on-site technical support, National Forming Systems is the expert when it comes to delivering an extensive range of high performance and high quality concrete forming products that meet customer needs and are delivered at an affordable price point.

“We are led and managed by an excellent team of people and engineers,” Vanagan summarized. “We have a strong engineering department, so everything works well and, from a design, engineering, production, and repair standpoint, we are a one stop shop that does everything for the customer. You won’t find too many companies like National Forming Systems.”


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