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Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire - Business Sense & Sensibility

by Mirielle Guiliano

If you’re a woman, and manage a team, you need to read Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire by Mirielle Guiliano (the same wonderful writer responsible for French Women Don’t Get Fat). Women in executive or management roles will get the most out of this book, meant to guide and encourage understanding, especially to those who don’t have the all-important mentor.

Guiliano underscores the need for having a mentor throughout the book, as she covers topics like choosing the right path—looking for work that empowers you, not just working in a sector that you “enjoy.” She explains the concept of impressions and how important they are, whether you’re meeting a new colleague for the first time or starting your new role as the leader of a 50 plus person team.

This book is a frank account of the challenges and solutions women can use to work their magic in the corporate world, and the solutions have a lot more to do with being streetsavvy than well-connected. Guiliano has done a tremendous job of mentoring, page by page, a group that not only has to face business challenges (with style) but also challenges related to bigger life choices (whether to have kids or not). Despite the fact that Guiliano does not have children herself, she manages to illuminate the critical role balance plays in a woman’s life, whether she’s working 12 hour or two hour days. And she does it with all the care you would expect from a good friend.

Editor's Note: A must-read for women of all ages, I finished the book in my “between-time” among work and real life—all on the treadmill (as I try to get fit and find Guiliarno's "balance".)

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