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Raging revolt

Grassroots revolt, Inflammatory commentators. Crazed militias. What’s next—the Tea Party?

Actually, yes. In a recent cover story in Maclean’s, a reporter went inside the psyche of a nation to uncover what some say, is the biggest division between Republicans and Democrats since Civil War.

On the heels of the Democrats’ victory in passing a historic healthcare reform bill, the Obama administration is are now facing opposition from a mushrooming number of anti-government, anti-tax and anti-abortion advocates that are forming a conservative grassroots movement.

In the news piece, it points to such media pundits as talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh and Fox news host Glenn Beck are pushing Republican politicians into moving even farther right. Observers say this is the first time in history they have witnessed such a conflict in partisan politics, between the liberals and conservatives. With the Republican’s recent grant slam in Massachusetts with its Senate seat win, Democrats have moved swiftly to reposition themselves for this shifty politically-driven revolt.

Leading the charge on the right is the so-called Tea Party, whose protesters have adopted Obama’s iconography, portraying the President with a red joker smear around his mouth and white face paint—a demonic Al Jolson—is disturbingly suggestive of blackface minstrelsy.”

What is even scarier is how many Tea Party backers—up to 42 percent—believe Obama is doing many of the things that Hitler did. And in an increasingly divided nation, groups like the Guardians of the Free Republics-according to its website committed to the “behind-the-scenes peaceful” dismantling of the U.S. government-are springing up. By one estimate, the number of paramilitary groups in the U.S. had almost tripled in 2009 to 512.

The problem with this sort of political dissent, however, is that it threatens the very purpose of a democratic process—for whichever party may be in power—to serve its people and lead the nation. It also distracts us from the real issues at hand like a banking reform or say, an international peace treaty.

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